Time to learn you some Tegridy.

Q: Where is the chart?

  • This is a miner. There is no chart. You can find the contracts here:
    • BNB:

Q: Can contract functions be added?

  • The contract is immutable. Therefore, it cannot be changed or altered in any way shape or form. You can view the contract at the above link.

Q: Can the TVL be drained?

  • The team can not take the funds in the miner due to the immutable nature of the contract. The only way the TVL can go down is if normal investors are harvesting more than the BNB amount going into the miner.

Q: What are "Plants"?

  • Plants are the terms we have given the miners in this protocol. They are what you buy with the BNB.

Q: Can I get my initial back?

  • The miner is a locked rewards pool. You can not pull the original investment that you put into the miner. Over time, you will be able to claim your initial investment plus more if you are compounding your rewards early on.

Q: What is the tax?

  • There is a 4.20% tax on every deposit and claim from the miner.

Q: What is the price of Plants?

  • Plants do not have a set price. As the TVL increases, the plants per 1 BNB decreases.
  • In the event the TVL does not increase by more than the daily ROI %, the plants per 1 BNB will begin to increase. This is one of the protective features of the protocol, as it allows newer users to secure a better position while also ensuring early buyers are not able to drain the TVL.

Q: What will my daily ROI % be?

  • Daily ROI is up to 8%. This can be affected by harvesting habits, when in the day you compound, and the TVL fluctuation. Average daily return is 5-6%.

Q: How do referrals work?

  • The dApp will generate a unique referral link when you connect your wallet. You will only receive 9% of the BNB from the deposit of anyone who uses your link. This 9% bonus will be added to the "your rewards" section.

Q: What happens if I harvest too often?

  • Your daily ROI % will be negatively impacted if you harvest too often. This is another anti-whale mechanism meant to protect the health of the miner.

Q: Is there an anti-whale mechanism?

  • The contract has an in-built anti-whale mechanism. This works as follows; User 1 waters 6:1 gets the highest daily percentage in that 24 hour period. User 2 does 5:2 gets a lower percentage. User 3 does 4:3 and gets lower percentage again. This happens all the way until the user who harvests continually has their rewards dropped to 0.5% per 24 hour period. This is to prevent 1 user draining the TVL, creating sustainability.