dApp: Digital applications that run on the blockchain.
The Silo: This is the name given to our treasury.
Eggs: This is the measure of the rewards accumulated that are unclaimed.
Plants: The term for Tegridy Farms smart contract miners (aka plants = miners). These are acquired by depositing the chain's native currency (like BNB) into the protocol. Plants will earn you your accumulated rewards. Essentially, this is the number of rewards that are paid to you per egg that is claimed (aka miners determine how many eggs you get a day).
Water: Watering is the same as compounding. It is the ability of your initial investment to generate earnings, which are reinvested with the goal of generating more rewards.
Harvest: Claiming your rewards.
TVL: Total Value Locked is the overall value of crypto assets deposited in a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol.
Immutable: This means that the data cannot be changed or modified by anyone after its creation.