What Makes Us Different?

What about these other miners?
There are many established miners in the market, but they all provide the same boring packaging for a very lucrative method of passive income. S'More Tegridy provides the passive income that'll make your wife's boyfriend drool while also making your "son" want to spend more time with you.
  1. 1.
    Interactive and immersive dApp
    • The S'More Tegridy miner is the first of its kind amongst all other miners. Not only can users interact with the background, but users can also see the background react to various actions performed within the dApp
  2. 2.
    VR Functionality of the dApp
    • The dApp allows for users to interact with their farm in VR. Again, no other project on the market has implemented this into their miner.
  3. 3.
    • This team has pushed a flawed miner contract with no sustainability precautions in place to a $500,000+ TVL. The shortcomings of the forked Baked Beans contract was examined and the team has placed measures to ensure the longevity of S'More Tegridy.
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